I have been dreaming of going here for a long long time... A fascinating country with the opportunity to have a face-to-face encounter with two of the most special animals in the world: Mountain Gorillas & Chimpanzees!
It turned out even better then I expected. Not only did I see lots of them, I was also able to get really up close and personal at a distance of 2 meters or sometimes less. I got charged by a chimp with a stick, peed upon from a tree and the silverback jumped out of the bushes with a loud roar... Wearing diapers could be a good idea for some visitors ;-)
A very special experience which I will not forget quickly...

Next to the primates, Uganda has a lot more on offer! I even developed an interest in animals I didn't care about so far... birds! Lots of them overthere too! The most spectacular being the shoebill stork, which was difficult to get on camera, but I do have proof ;-)

It was hard to select the pictures, so I uploaded quite a few..






Baby Gorilla Silverback
  Gorilla 2  
Chimpanzee   Chimpanzee Profiles
  Other Primates  
Various   Baboon
Lion Hyena Bad Luck
  Birds of Prey  
Fish Eagle Eagles Vulture
  Long Crested Eagle  
King Fisher Grey Crowned Crane Ibis
Storks Marabu Birds 1
Yellow Billed Stork Weaver Birds Birds 2
Hornbill   African Skimmer
  Savanah Animals  
Elephant Rhino Zebra
Warthog Forest Hog Giraffe
Uganda Kob Antilopes Water Buck
  Along the waterside  
Hippo Crocodile Dragon Flies
Murchison Falls Landscape Bwindi Impenatrable Forest
Sun Chimps Nest Queen Eliabeth Bush Lodge

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